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All kinds of businesses trust bylittle already, from pharmaceutical companies to Ivy League colleges. 

That adds up to more than 200 projects, including 100+ hours of video, and more than 10,000 custom illustrations.

If it’s important to you (and it’s important to us), our team has 70% women in senior leadership.

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bylittle develops your coporate training and development needs

Online training can be done with a partner by your side

Experienced business leaders like you know that old-school training doesn’t cut it any more.

Online training can shine. But sometimes companies can’t achieve that all by themselves. 

  • You can’t create high quality assets without an eye-watering budget, so your vendor list needs a rethink.
  • You don’t have time or expertise to make it happen in-house.
  • You struggle to find the right skills all in one place.


We’re experts at courses on business-critical skills, like sales and tech. 

We also excel at essential “soft” skills training, like leadership and change.

Custom e-learning development experts

bylittle’s e-learning development experts can help you choose between course platforms. 

Some clients want us to lead them through the entire training content creation process, from animation, to graphic design, and live action video. 

Other clients ask us to drop in at a specific point in the course, to optimize existing elements, or add animation or video.

If you need to create highly interactive training, the Storyline 360 course creation platform is the one for you. Storyline 360 is the most robust and customizable course creation platform we work with. It’s also the most engaging for your learners.

Find out about Storyline 360 course creation done for you.

Storyline 360 for corporate learning and development

Articulate Rise course creation is perfect if you need training that looks and behaves like a website. Learners interact with your course through an easy-to-use navigation menu, by scrolling, reading, and watching.

Articulate Rise online courses come with simpler interactions than one built in Storyline 360, so we can create your course quickly. 

Find out about Articulate Rise course creation done for you.

Articulate Rise course creation is perfect if you need training that looks and behaves like a website.

Words can only reach so far. Great design increases the visual appeal of your course. It makes the learning experience more fun. Expert graphic design also makes tricky concepts clearer, which leads to better learner recall.

At bylittle, we know exactly how to use graphic design to explain and reinforce key concepts. 

Find out about graphic design services for e-learning.

Graphic design for your eLearning needs

The goal for your course is engaging content that gets your message across, right? A perfect reason to explore custom animation in your eLearning project.

Customized animation is great for simplifying complex topics, keeping learners interested from start to finish using storytelling, and upgrading your training with interactivity.

Find out about custom animation for e-learning.

Whiteboard animation for your eLearning course development

Video makes learning memorable. It captures attention. It brings abstract concepts into the real world, so your team can relate theory to practice.

Learners find online training videos easier to digest than banks of words. Live action video is a valuable way to upgrade the ROI of your eLearning projects. 

Find out about e-learning video development.

Custom live action video for eLearning and training needs. At bylittle Learning, we use b-roll, human or AI actors for your projects.

“I always have confidence that bylittle will deliver on time and on brand.”

A dazzling 82% of our work comes from repeat business or referrals from happy clients. 

See for yourself our eLearning content design testimonials.

Trusted by 40+ of the world’s top e-learning providers


projects strong (and counting)

Dazzling e-learning, customized for your team

bylittle develops customized e-learning for teams like yours. 

custom graphics design

We fit into YOUR e-learning content development process - not the other way around

Trust your e-learning content development to bylittle at any stage in your process.

We’ll fit in seamlessly and keep your project moving.

We work as part of your team, and take our non-disclosures seriously.

Expert e-learning developers to make your training shine

We are The One-Stop e-learning Developers.

Here’s how we do things differently –

  • One clear, cost-effective rate for all our eLearning development services, so no surprise costs.
  • One team for every step of your project, so we can supply whatever skill you need.
  • One point of contact, to streamline your communications.


Meet bylittle’s team of e-learning developers.

bylittle learning builds and polishes your online training till it shines.

At bylittle Learning we develop your storyboard and scripting process


Write it yourself or we can do it for you.

Either way, we’ll make sure that tone and pace are a perfect match for your visuals.

200+ projects strong (and counting)

Our content development clients say this

It’s so easy to work with your team – bylittle is very creative and accommodating. Doesn’t feel like work. More like a fun project we get to do together.

Learning Systems Lead

Articulate Rise

portrait of Learning Systems Lead

The final product of the Vyond learning was phenomenal. I am confident that it exceeded our client’s needs and we, likewise, were extremely pleased. Often in eLearning, you know the experience you want to create but don’t know how to get the learning to accomplish this. The bylittle team was able to bring our visions to life.

Startup Founder & President

Articulate Rise, Animation

portrait of Startup Founder & President, bylittle's client

bylittle did an amazing job with a complicated storyboard for the simulation we were looking for. Every possible path was PERFECT!

Project Manager

Storyline 360

portrait of Project Manager, bylittle's client

200+ projects strong (and counting)