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eLearning developer for your company’s training programs

Thinking of outsourcing an online training project to an eLearning developer?

We build and polish your online courses till they shine.

We at bylittle develop training programs for your company

Expert eLearning developers make your training shine

We are The One-Stop eLearning Developers.

Companies tell us that managing eLearning development isn’t always a breeze. Do you have trouble finding the right skills all in one place?

Business leaders like you need to create courses that engage learners right to the last module. 

Yet sometimes you can’t get high quality assets without an eye-watering budget.

bylittle team of eLearning developers
bylittle's reliable team can enhance efficiency and maximize productivity, optimizing your workflow

That’s why we do things differently -

bylittle Learning has cost-effective rates for US companies and training needs

Cost-effective rate

One clear, cost-effective rate for all our eLearning development services, so no surprise costs.

bylittle Learning outsources with a team for you

A team for you

One team for every step of your project, so we can supply whatever skill you need.

bylittle Learning one point of contact for client communication

One point of contact

One point of contact, to streamline your communications.

eLearning content development
service for business

bylittle learning builds and polishes eLearning content for leaders like you. 

Clients work with us when they have a training project on their to-do list, but don’t have time or expertise to create it in-house. 

We specialize in custom Storyline 360 and Articulate Rise courses, plus graphic design, live action video, and animation.

Know about bylittle Learning's specialties and how they help US companies

Where you might be

You might be stuck using ineffective, old-school formats like dusty powerpoints. Or looking for customizable eLearning content development without the cost of expensive in-house hires.

Know about bylittle Learning's specialties and how they help US companies

Where we excel

Best-fit projects cover business-critical skills like sales and tech. 

We also excel at courses in essential “soft” skills, like leadership and change. 

We’ve produced hundreds of hours
of eLearning content.

A dazzling 82% of our work comes from repeat business or referrals from happy clients. ​

Check out our eLearning content design testimonials here.

Senior eLearning designer and
professional filmmaker

Tasha Rosenbaum founder of bylittle

Tasha Rosenbaum, Senior eLearning Designer

Tasha has a BSc in Computer Animation. This enthusiastic INFJ graduated from Full Sail University (world leader for entertainment and emerging technologies professionals).

Tasha has worked in Learning and Development since 2012, and has deep expertise in animation and game design.

Jordan Little founder of bylittle

Jordan Little, Professional Filmmaker

Jordan’s filmmaking background (as part of Christopher Nolan’s crew) means he knows how to upgrade learner experience. As well as being operations chief, his big screen expertise takes video training up a notch.

This ENFJ is a multiple-entrepreneur, with three dogs, and an IMDB profile.

Instructional designers for eLearning

Here’s the good news – you’ll get to know one of us very well, because you get one point of contact for your project. Behind your key contact is a full team of eLearning instructional designers and developers. 

Our headquarters are in Parrish, Florida, although the people behind the videos, animations, and storyboards work remotely from all over the globe.

Our very first hire (hi, Oscar) joined us from our successful sister company, design agency Little Pi. Now we have more than 20 developers in house. 

If it’s important to you (and it’s important to us), our team has 70% women in senior leadership.

bylittle Learning celebrating two years in the industry

200+ projects strong (and counting)

bylittle Learning offers video for your e-learning needs

eLearning content doesn’t need to be dull

Hands up if you’ve ever glazed over watching dull eLearning content? Us too.

Online training can shine. But sometimes companies can’t achieve that all by themselves. They don’t have time or expertise to make that happen in-house.

Experienced business leaders like you know that old-school training doesn’t cut it any more.

We can bring your eLearning content to life with video, animation, and gamification.

All kinds of businesses trust bylittle already, from pharmaceutical companies to Ivy League colleges. That adds up to more than 200 projects, including 100+ hours of video, and more than 10,000 custom illustrations.

Trust the numbers

Projects completed
1 +
In-house developers
1 +
Repeat and referral business
1 %
External funding we’ve received
$ 0
Teams trust us
1 +
Active projects per client
Women in senior leadership
1 %
Custom illustrations
1 +

200+ projects strong (and counting)

Our course development clients say this

bylittle did an amazing job with a complicated storyboard for the simulation we were looking for. Every possible path was PERFECT!

Project Manager

Storyline 360

This course is phenomenal. We LOVE the interaction design.

Creative Director

Storyline 360

bylittle made me feel like what I was doing was really important. It almost felt like they were honored to be a part of it. That was just COOL! This really kept me inspired and helped me focus on the challenging work of trying to put this all together, knowing I had a great team, ready to make it an amazing end-product. Which it is.


Articulate Rise, Storyline 360, Animation

I was pleasantly surprised by how positive, excited and eager they were to learn more about my unique needs and expertise, as it was an area they hadn’t worked in before.

Small Business Owner

Articulate Rise, Storyline 360, Animation

Awesome. Clear communication of requirements and timelines. bylittle set clear expectations and stuck to the timelines. Every time there was a modification to any of the timelines, they communicated it, which is super refreshing.

Chief of Operations

Storyline Rise, Storyline 360, Animation

200+ projects strong (and counting)