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Articulate Rise login

Learn how to login in Articulate Rise with this guide.

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How to login to Articulate Rise
1. Access the Rise 360 webpage
2. Type in your login information
3. You’re all set!

Now you can start your project and access your dashboard


Articulate Rise is a user- and development-friendly eLearning authoring tool. It does not require any installation process and, even better, is a budget-friendly option for training initiatives!

In this blog post, we will discuss:

  1. Profile details
  2. Development possibilities after logging in to Articulate Rise
  3. Uploading and reviewing courses


This is a sister application of Storyline 360. You can learn how to install, update, and create stunning Storyline 360 courses in this blog post.


Profile details in Articulate Rise

Just like in any other web-based tool, you can customize your profile details in the “Your Profile” tab.

Set your profile details in Articulate Rise

In the “Team Info” tab, you can even manage your seats and add team members to your existing paid Articulate Rise account.

This is also the area where you can ask the Articulate team for support – they provide a knowledge base, request a feature, ask the community, or contact them directly.

Find how you can ask for help and contact support in Articulate Rise


In short, knowing about your profile details goes beyond just basic account management. It unlocks features that can personalize your experience and add team members to allow collaboration.


Development possibilities after you log in

If you click on the “Dashboard” menu, you can find some ready-made templates for you or your development team to use.

Find development possibilities in Articulate Rise after you log in

Want to be inspired by past eLearning projects? Visit our Articulate Rise portfolio.

You can even find Articulate 360 training right when you log in to your Rise account!

Here’s a quick snippet of the types of training they provide:

  • Beginner training
  • Quick tips
  • Accessibility
  • How-To’s

Access Articulate Rise's training database after you log in.


Uploading and reviewing courses

Like we said before, no, you don’t have to download anything! This software is completely web-based.

What’s more, after logging into Articulate Rise, you can publish your Rise courses to make an Internal Review. Although this is a methodology we do at bylittle Learning, we highly recommend you implement it.

This feature is not strictly for Articulate Rise: you can upload your Storyline 360 blocks to review them internally with your Quality Assurance team.

Publish Storyline 360 courses into Articulate Rise for internal and client reviews.


Wrapping it up

The login process of Articulate Rise is a breeze. What’s best: it unlocks potential for your eLearning projects.

Your profile becomes your personalized eLearning HQ, offering features like team management, instant support, and even a say in future feature

You can either start from the start or jump right into the development playground with ready-made templates to kickstart your project. The built-in training Articulate offers will keep you and your team’s skills sharp.

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