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E Learning solutions in US companies

Explore what high- and low-budget US companies you can hire for your training and development needs.

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US E Learning companies include SweetRush, AllenComm and ELB Learning. Small, affordable businesses like bylittle Learning also offer good L&D course development options.

Before outsourcing to an E Learning company, you need to know about what services you can ask for.

Course creation often means more than developing the course with an authoring tool, like Articulate. Besides, you also need to consider who your learners are and what you want to train them on.


Here’s a breakdown of this blog post’s content:

  1. E Learning services

  2. Checklist for choosing the right vendor

  3. Training companies to consider

  4. Choosing a US company for your E Learning solutions


What services do E Learning companies offer?

Some E Learning services you’d typically find in a US agency:

  • Instructional design
  • Course development
  • Custom animation
  • Custom training videos
  • Custom illustrations
  • Voice over (AI and human)
  • Translation and localization
  • Learning Management System (LMS)


Your training course might not need all of the services. However, we don’t recommend skipping the instructional design service: you’ll truly need this to kick off your project.


How can you know which E Learning partner is the right vendor?

We recommend our clients think of three specific things before outsourcing their training and development:

  • Define the primary objective of their eLearning project (e.g., skill development, compliance training).
  • List the types of content needed (videos, interactive modules, quizzes).
  • Determine the scope and depth of the project as a whole.

It’s not necessary to spend a lot of time figuring out this list. It is only a tool for you to have a starting point and to hand it over to your vendor.


E Learning companies to consider outsourcing training

Having a budget for your training needs will light the way to what type of e learning agency you can onboard.

This step cannot be skipped and will actually make your life easier while looking for companies with training solutions.

Good news for you: we’ve divided our top 8 US training companies into two groups based on their 30-min* E Learning prices.

*E Learning estimate: 50 slides or content screens equal around 1 hour of E Learning, and a 10,000-word script equals 1 hour of E Learning. This cost could change depending on the complexity of the interactions needed.


Small companies with high-quality and low-budget projects


Since 2016, Mindscaling has provided both custom courses and off-the-shelf E Learning. They build custom learning paths that fit the development goals of the people in their client’s organization. Their main focus is leadership-related training, from orientations to transition to management.


At bylittle Learning, we recommend Mindscaling as an E Learning solutions in US companies


  • Broadcast Media
  • E Learning
  • Financial Services
  • Hospital & Health Care
  • Human Resources


Annual course subscription: from $475 a month for small teams.

Their custom course design is a variable price that will decrease with a larger number of courses.


Why we recommend Mindscaling:

They have developed some designs we use for critical paths most companies embrace for onboarding employees, either as new hires or when transitioning roles.

Their online library contains 250+ leadership training that can help upskill your employees. Use these courses with a customized learning pathway.



bylittle Learning

Established in 2021, bylittle Learning is a US company that provides budget-friendly and high-quality E Learning solutions. Their solutions include Articulate 360, 7taps, and Genially courses.

All kinds of businesses trust bylittle already, from pharmaceutical companies to Ivy League colleges. That adds up to more than 200 projects, including 100+ hours of video, and more than 10,000 custom illustrations.

Clients hire bylittle directly or as an intermediate between them and their clients.


Choose bylittle Learning as an E Learning solutions in US companies


  • Hospital & Health Care
  • Automotive and aviation industry
  • Hospitality
  • Government
  • Palliative care
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Retail


bylittle’s project scope per 30 minutes of course: US$2,200 – $5,200


Why we recommend bylittle Learning:

You can find your needs in bylittle (one place), making it easier for your team and your whole company to manage projects without a drop in quality.

At bylittle, they take a consultative approach to E Learning, which is why you’ll find custom course development, animation, illustration, video, and voice over services.

They have strict NDAs that protect both parties. As a result, you can rest assured your clients’ projects and your reputation are in good hands.



Digital Learning Studio

Founded in 2008, they offer course development in Articulate 360 specifically, with custom video and animation. They offer localization translation services that can make your course easily accessible to your learners. As a separate service, they offer Skillseed Courses about sales, time management, leadership, etc.


At bylittle Learning, we recommend the Digital Learning Studio as an E Learning solutions in US companies


  • E Learning
  • Executive Office
  • Graphic Design
  • Human Resources
  • Online Media


DLS’s project scope per 30 minutes of course: US$3,500-$10,500


Why we recommend The Digital Learning Studio:

This agency is great for Articulate 360-only projects, both Storyline 360 and Articulate Rise. They can help you outline your E Learning course creation right from the start. Their ready-to-take Skillseeds Courses are great for remote learners.

Also, their course translation services will help adapting your content for diverse cultures, ensuring seamless understanding, relevance, and engagement across global audiences.



Your Instructional Designer

Since 2017, Your Instructional Designer (Your ID) has offered a full suite of high-impact instructional design and consulting services for employee upskilling. Known as the social learning agency for talent development, they focus their efforts on creating connections– in the brain and between people.

Your ID’s services include needs analysis, curriculum development, community strategy, content curation, communications planning, and custom content development. They also provide more traditional learning design services, such as instructional video scripting, instructor-led training (ILT) and virtual instructor-led training (vILT) development, Articulate-based eLearning, Adobe Captivate projects, and 7taps microlearning.


At bylittle Learning, we recommend Your Instructional Designer as an E Learning solutions in US companies


  • Learning & Development
  • Aviation
  • Education & Workforce Development
  • Entertainment & Media
  • Fashion & Retail
  • Healthcare & Health Tech
  • Human Resources
  • Sales


Your Instructional Designer’s project scope per 30 minutes of course: $4,000 – $15,000


Why we recommend Your Instructional Designer:

If you’re looking for Blended and Adaptive Learning, they are your go-to E Learning company. Their best-fit projects are for organizations in times of transition and growth. Their specialization in scalable social learning makes them a great fit for those who need to train high-impact skills, stay agile, and encourage continuous improvement.

They are a small team, which gives you a personalized touch.



Large companies with high-quality and high-budget projects


Founded in 2001, this company has more than 200 employees. Their projects are from analysis and curriculum mapping to the creation of blended training products, including live and virtual classrooms with custom-developed eLearning modalities.

At bylittle Learning, we recommend SweetRush as an E Learning solutions in US companies


  • Financial Services
  • Hospital & Health Care
  • Hospitality
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Retail


SweetRush’s project scope per 30 minutes of course: US $22,500 to $32,500


Why we recommend SweetRush:

They are one of the biggest names in the E Learning industry and have a 20-year track of success. Creativity and innovation have led them to receive nearly 200 awards since 2017. This is perfect if you’re a large enterprise and want an experienced vendor by your side.



ELB Learning

Since 2009, ELB Learning has produced learning games, VR training, courseware, video-based practice, and learning platforms. They also have AI builders to upskill your employees through ready-made workshops.

Being an industry giant gives them the advantage of offering on-demand webinars. You can join their community by subscribing to their newsletter.


At bylittle Learning, we recommend ELB Learning as an E Learning solutions in US companies


  • Compliance Training
  • Customer Support
  • Sales & Services Training
  • Staff Augmentation
  • Workplace Safety Training


ELB Learning’s project scope per 30 minutes of course: US$20,000-$50,000


Why we recommend ELB Learning:

They are a great fit for custom strategy and staffing. In case you want to work with a specific experienced developer, they can also loan a team member on a contract basis.

Not only do they have ready-to-use templates, but ELB Learning also has a micro building feature to create microlearning modules using AI.



CommLab India

Founded in 2000, their main focus is on ILT material for the classroom to E Learning. They also convert obsolete courses into modern, effective e learning material. With 20 years of expertise, their design and development processes help them deliver fully functional modules.

They also offer translation and localized courses, taking care of cultural differences and instructions.


At bylittle Learning, we recommend Commlab India as an E Learning solutions in US companies


  • Chemicals
  • Electrical/Electronic Manufacturing
  • Manufacturing
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Telecommunications


CommLab India’s project scope per 30 minutes of course: Per request


Why we recommend CommLab India:

They are perfect for recording, republishing, rebuilding, and redesigning. They also offer PowerPoint decks, facilitator guides and participant handouts into instructionally sound, engaging, and effective eLearning in all its avatars.


Choosing a US company for your E Learning solutions

To choose the right US company for your E Learning solutions, you need to know the service you need (for example, a Storyline course with animated GIFs) and the budget you can allocate.

The good news is that there are E Learning companies catering to businesses of all sizes. Budget-friendly options exist for smaller companies, while larger enterprises can find vendors equipped to handle complex, high-budget projects.

After communicating the goals you have for this training, you can scale your training even further by translating and localizing to ensure inclusivity.

And hey: don’t let outdated training materials gather dust!

Find an E Learning company that can fit in seamlessly and keep your project moving.

Your partner should work as part of your team, and take non-disclosures seriously.

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