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If you’re looking for an eLearning video production company in the United States, then bylittle learning can create the perfect educational video for you.

Video content is a valuable way to upgrade the ROI of your eLearning projects.


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Live action video at bylittle Learning

Why is video content
so effective for eLearning?

Video makes learning memorable. It captures attention. It brings abstract concepts into the real world, so your learners can relate theory to practice.

Learners find online training videos easier to digest than banks of words. That’s why learning recall improves with video.

Take a closer look at our live action video showreel below. Your eLearning can be as memorable as this.

200+ projects strong (and counting)

eLearning video production experts:
our methodical video process

We script, plan, and edit your training videos from beginning to end. 

Presenters? Check.

Graphics? Check.

Animation? Check.

Stock footage? Check.

Qualities of bylittle

Well-defined workflow

Our process allows us to consistently deliver stunning videos on time and on budget. It ensures that the production process is efficient, effective, and transparent, providing our clients with a professional and polished final product.

Top-notch video

With high-quality motion graphics, we provide a visually stimulating and easy-to-follow experience, making complex concepts easy to understand. Our presenters find a way to bring passion and expertise to each topic, resulting in greater retention and understanding of the material.

Engaging and interactive

Our eLearning videos are not your typical boring lectures. We understand that eLearning can be a challenging and, at times, tedious process, which is why we have designed our videos to be engaging and interactive.

Precise video production workflow

Our well-defined process means your videos are on time and on budget. We’re known for our methodical approach, so our collaboration is efficient and transparent.

We polish your videos till they shine.

Strategic video content

Video presenters bring expertise and enthusiasm to your learning topic.

The result?

Better engagement and recall from your learners.

Engaging, upbeat video training

Good-bye to typical, boring lectures.

Your training videos will be vivid and lively.

Why choose bylittle for eLearning video content?

  • Remember our co-founder, filmmaking pro Jordan Little? Say no more!
  • Flexible payment terms – no monthly salary like an employee.
  • No software costs for you – that’s our responsibility.
  • One blended hourly rate for all our design and build experts.
  • Fast kick-off of your project, without the hassle of permanent hires.
  • Quality checks from our in-house QA team, so your video content meets your training goals.
  • One point of contact, so no project management and communications headaches. 
  • Outsourcing your course development to our full in-house team of experts.
bylittle Learning offers video for your e-learning needs

Get started with
video content for eLearning


projects strong (and counting)

Customized video production services showcase

Next, explore the range of custom videos in our featured eLearning projects below.

Engaging video content
for online courses

Press play to discover presenter-led videos dotted with real life scenarios.

What’s the best video style for your eLearning project?

We can show you some ready-made styles for live action video, so you can pick easily -

Human and AI actor, voiceover, screen recording, stock footage and motion graphics.

Our video content clients say this

I always have confidence that bylittle will deliver on time and on brand. They’ve always been a trusted partner, and deliver polished and creative end products every time.

Owner & Creative Director

Articulate Rise, Storyline 360, Live Action Video

You have allowed us to focus on the more technical aspects of our work, by partnering with you to take some of the creative work off of our plate.

Owner & Creative Director

Articulate Rise, Storyline 360, Live Action Video

200+ projects strong (and counting)