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Custom animation for eLearning

The goal for your course is engaging content that gets your message across, right? A perfect reason to explore custom animation in your eLearning project.


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Custom animation for eLearning

Customized animation is great for ...

  • Simplifying complex topics
  • Keeping learners interested from beginning to end using storytelling
  • Upgrading your training with interactivity


Take a close look at our animation showreel below.

Your eLearning can look as good as this.

200+ projects strong (and counting)

Why is animated video so effective for online learning?

Animation takes your eLearning from meh to wow

  • It makes your course look stunning. 
  • Added voiceover helps reinforce your message using storytelling. 
  • We can customize it to match your style and tone.

Visually striking

Customized to match your style and tone

Fluid movement

Storytelling that captures your attention

Why choose bylittle for eLearning animation services?

If you’re ready to bring online learning to life with animation, then it makes sense to partner with bylittle learning for

  • Flexible payment terms – no monthly salary like an employee.
  • No software costs for you – that’s our responsibility.
  • One blended hourly rate for all our design and build experts.
  • Fast kick-off of your project, without the hassle of permanent hires.
bylittle Learning creates storyboards for Articulate Rise and Storyline projects

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custom animation for eLearning


projects strong (and counting)

Showcase of our
custom animation services

Next you should explore the range of custom animations in our featured online learning projects.

bylittle is your one-stop corporate eLearning solutions for animated videos for eLearning

What are explainer videos and why do they work?

The clue’s in the name. Explainer videos are short, engaging videos that explain a topic simply. A versatile way to summarize a concept or introduce something new.

We also often use these videos to explain the steps in a learning or implementation process.

We can embed explainer videos into your course. As a bonus, they often stand alone too, so you can share them with your audience.

Press play below to view our explainer videos, and see how concise explanation plus voiceover makes concepts easy for learners to understand.

Play Video about eLearning Animation for Training

Animated text: typography for eLearning courses

Animated text brings these subjects to life and keeps learners’ attention.

We use highlight animation to draw attention to the most important words and messages.

We can also add a soundtrack that brings the animated typography to life.

Play Video about Vyond Animation in eLearning

Vyond animation for storytelling

Vyond uses customizable scenes, background, characters, props, and actions in your animated videos to create engaging, character-led stories.

Play Video about Whiteboard Animation in eLearning

The visual appeal of whiteboard animation

Imagine drawing your course by hand on a whiteboard as your learners work through it. That’s exactly the effect we can create in this dynamic animation style.

What’s the best animation style for your eLearning project?

We can show you some ready-made styles for animation, so you can pick easily -

Line art, cartoon, geometric, icon style, isometric, typography, hand-drawn, Vyond, whiteboard style, gradient, and comparative.

Why choose bylittle for eLearning animation services?

If you’re ready to bring online learning to life with animation, then it makes sense to partner with bylittle learning for

  • Quality checks from our in-house QA team, so your course meets your training goals.
  • One point of contact, so no project management and communications headaches. 
  • Outsourcing your course development to our full in-house team of experts.
bylittle has an internal quality check team for your L&D

200+ projects strong (and counting)

Our eLearning animation clients say this

The final product of the Vyond learning was phenomenal. I am confident that it exceeded our client’s needs and we, likewise, were extremely pleased. Often in eLearning, you know the experience you want to create but don’t know how to get the learning to accomplish this. The bylittle team was able to bring our visions to life.

Startup Founder & President

Articulate Rise, Animation

portrait of Startup Founder & President, bylittle's client

bylittle made me feel like what I was doing was really important. It almost felt like they were honored to be a part of it. That was just COOL! This really kept me inspired and helped me focus on the challenging work of trying to put this all together, knowing I had a great team, ready to make it an amazing end-product. Which it is.


Articulate Rise, Storyline 360, Animation

Drawing of share holder, client of bylittle

I was pleasantly surprised by how positive, excited and eager they were to learn more about my unique needs and expertise, as it was an area they hadn’t worked in before.

Small Business Owner

Articulate Rise, Storyline 360, Animation

Drawing of Small Business Owner, bylittle's client

200+ projects strong (and counting)