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Articulate Rise course creation done for you

Articulate Rise course creation is perfect if you need training that looks and behaves like a website.

Learners can interact with your course through an easy-to-use navigation menu, by scrolling, reading, and watching.


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Articulate Rise course creation done for you

Why choose Articulate Rise for your online course?

An Articulate Rise online course comes with simpler interactions than one built in Storyline 360.

Because of that, we can create your course more quickly.

If you need a highly interactive course, the Storyline 360 platform is the one for you. bylittle learning also offers full Storyline 360 design and build.

If you decide that Articulate Rise is perfect for your course, here’s a snapshot of what you can include with us:

On-brand, custom icons
with video and animation

Engaging GIFs and
customized illustrations

Custom Storyline blocks
and quizzes

Articulate Rise course creation with bylittle

If you’re ready to create a dazzling Articulate Rise course, then we can make things happen quickly.

When you partner with bylittle for course creation in Articulate Rise, we offer

  • Flexible payment terms – no monthly salary like an employee.
  • No software costs for you – that’s our responsibility.
  • One blended hourly rate that covers all our design and build experts.
  • Fast kick-off of your Articulate Rise, without the hassle of permanent hires.
  • Quality checks from our in-house QA team, so your course meets your training goals.
  • One point of contact, so no project management and communications headaches. 
  • Outsourcing your course development to our full in-house team of experts.
At bylittle we offer lots of ideas to develop Rise courses

Start outsourcing
eLearning course development


projects strong (and counting)

Snapshot of Articulate Rise course creation

Explore our featured courses created in the Articulate Rise platform.

Course: AI in eLearning

We created this course to introduce the world of Artificial Intelligence and its impact on eLearning.

Learners explore AI fundamentals, types, and applications. They complete the course with an understanding of how AI transforms eLearning.

We worked on:

  • Storyboard
  • Graphics
  • Custom Storyline interactions

Course: Traffic Safety

The goal of this course was to improve highway safety on Oregon roads. We designed it to highlight the primary driver errors causing the state’s most serious crashes every year.

Drivers taking the course learn how to make the right choice to reduce severe crashes on Oregon’s roads.

We worked on:

  • Storyboard
  • Graphics
  • Custom Storyline interactions

Course: Dementia for Carers

We designed this course for carers and healthcare providers. Learners explore how to give exceptional care to individuals living with dementia.

The course teaches learners to understand the types of dementia, how it progresses, and the challenges of each stage.

We worked on:

  • Storyboard
  • Graphics
  • Custom Storyline interactions

Course: Employee Mentoring

This Articulate Rise course helps employees accelerate their career growth by increasing their chances of promotion.

We designed it within a mentorship framework, incorporating practical skills and strategies for career-building.

We worked on:

  • Storyboard
  • Graphics
  • Audio
  • Video
  • Animation

Course: Inclusion in the Workplace

The goal of this course is for employees to feel valued and respected in their workplace, so that they can contribute their own unique skills and perspectives.

Learners from within the organization explore why and how to build an inclusive workplace.

What we did:

  • Storyboard
  • Graphics
  • Custom Storyline interactions

200+ projects strong (and counting)

Our course creation clients said this

It’s so easy to work with your team – bylittle is very creative and accommodating. Doesn’t feel like work. More like a fun project we get to do together.

Learning Systems Lead

Articulate Rise

portrait of Learning Systems Lead

The final product of the Vyond learning was phenomenal. I am confident that it exceeded our client’s needs and we, likewise, were extremely pleased. Often in eLearning, you know the experience you want to create but don’t know how to get the learning to accomplish this. The bylittle team was able to bring our visions to life.

Startup Founder & President

Articulate Rise, Animation

portrait of Startup Founder & President, bylittle's client

bylittle made me feel like what I was doing was really important. It almost felt like they were honored to be a part of it. That was just COOL! This really kept me inspired and helped me focus on the challenging work of trying to put this all together, knowing I had a great team, ready to make it an amazing end-product. Which it is.


Articulate Rise, Storyline 360, Animation

Drawing of share holder, client of bylittle

200+ projects strong (and counting)